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In 2013 our goal is to find homes for more animals than we did last year. We are saving lives one aimal at a time. With your help we can create more success stories!! 

Stories and letter like these below are what makes it all worth while!

Princess's story

This sweet girl is Miss Princess! She came to us along with her sister Hannah and 3 puppies. They came from a hoarder who turned them over to us. Princess was nursing 2 of her babies and her sister's baby the best she could despite her medical problems. This girl needed a lot of TLC. She was loosing hair due to malnutrition. She had intestinal problems. She was way under weight. With time and love she became a healthy girl once again. She was quickly adopted to the most wonderful home! This is a true success story.




We were given permission to share a letter below from the adoptive mom to the foster mom.

Hi Mom,

This is Princess, reporting in to give you my progress. 

  As you heard the trip to my new home was uneventful except that new mom and dad stopped and got burgers and I was a big girl and didn’t beg or cry.  My reward was part of a baked Chicken sandwich.  I was a very dainty eater.  Funny thing was that neither of the other dogs were interested in the chicken so no one bothered me.  When we got to the house LM and MeeToo brought me inside.  Then we went out in the backyard to play.  I positively dance I’m so small.  I ran laps around new mom and my new brothers.  I pottied and tinkled and showed how housebroken I am.  New mom was mighty impressed and said I was as housebroken as either brother was and I deserved a trial run at the bed.  Honestly mom, the bed is the best.  It is soft and must be covered with 40 pillows. It also has blankets that new mom uses to hold up my head and support me at any angle.  We watched movies and got petted.  The other dogs bark at the TV.  It’s funny and I’m not sure I can tell what the problem is but they back at the dogs on commercials. 

  For supper I got some wellness canned food without grains for sensitive stomachs.  New mom mixed in my medicine and some baked chicken and gave it to me in a dog bowl.  I didn’t care much for the bowl so they spread it out more on a paper plate so I could daintily pick up the pieces.  As you know I don’t like getting anything on me but it was good and I ate every drop.  I was also a good girl when new mom and dad ate dinner.  I didn’t whine or cry and I lay down and put my head on new mom’s foot so she couldn’t go anywhere without me knowing.  Bed was great till new mom handed out some dental bones.  LM is a bone head and he’s not polite about his bone.  He didn’t eat it and guarded it the rest of the night.  Mom said he was so rude that she may have to change the bedtime rules and not hand out bones.  MeeToo ate his bone and I ate part of mine but it wasn’t as good as chicken.

  I slept really well on a pile of pillows cushioned with a king size fuzzy blanket.  I stayed close to new mom and she was always checking to see if I was OK.  In the middle of the night, MeeToo woke everyone ups with a cough.  He coughed off and on till morning and new mom took him to the vet and was told that he was having an allergic reaction.  They said he wasn’t contagious and gave him a shot and some pills.  New Mom thinks he’s funny because he’s so sleepy.  I’ve already been out twice today and done my business.  New mom said she’s never see a pup fit in so well.  Both my brothers seem to like me but I think MeeToo is my favorite because he never seems to growl and if I come around his food he leaves it for me.   New Mom’s only regret is that she couldn’t take Hannah as well as me.  She really wanted us both but new dad thought it was best to go with one.   So far I think I’m glad it was me.  I’m a pretty happy puppy and my tail is up and curled.  I miss you dreadfully and I watched for you when we drove away.  I really wanted to cry when I realized you weren’t there but I wanted you to be proud of me and I’m a brave dog. 

 You wouldn’t guess it to look at him but new dad is like a marshmallow inside.  He already adores me and I notice the way his eyes light up when he sees me.  He spends lots of time calling me to him and petting me.  He always says how soft I am and how cuddly I am.  Evidently LM is not so cuddly.  No wonder Little Man isn’t so fond of m yet.  Lucky for him he’s not a biter and just growls and fusses.  New Mom and Dad are very protective of me and are constantly correcting his behavior.  Right now we are all in the office.  LM is on his side snoring and MeeToo has his head resting on Moms’ foot sleeping of the allergy shot.  I’m back a bit because I don’t like feet.  I especially don’t like feet in shoes but new mom is training new dad to sit very still when he calls me so I’m not startled.  All-in-all life seems pleasant and I’m going out to get a pink harness today after new dad gets home because he wants to help pick it out.  I miss you and Hannah and my puppies something terrible and I’d never leave you if it was my choice but if I had to go this seems like a good place.  I’ll write more and send pics a bit later.  Give my love to Hannah and tell her that pillows are great!  Kiss the puppies for me and hug rescue dad.  Also know that I will never forget you and all you did for me.   You rescued me and saved me.  I owe this second chance to you.  I’m doing my best to be brave and sweet and to make you proud.  I’m curling and wagging my tail and showing everyone what great dog I am.  Thank you for loving me and for giving me a new home.  I’ll never forget you and I’ll write often.

Love Always


 PS I wanted you to know that Princess misses you but she’s so brave.  Her little tail never drags for long and she’s always ready for fun!  She’s a great little dog and she’s already getting up with me and going to the bathroom at night.  She takes her job as companion seriously.  She is a treasure and we are very grateful that you were kind enough to let her go.  You are a very special lady and you have given me a blessing.  I promise to treasure and protect her.  Thank you. Love, Nancy

This is Angel's Story!!



We received a phone call from a former coworker of mine. She said that there was a large dog on her elderly mother's back porch. She thought the dog was in poor condition. Tom and I went to her mother's house which was situated in a very rural, remote location. There we found an extremely frightened and emaciated Great Pyrenees. She weighed only 42 lbs!!! Her skin was very dry and itchy and there was a lump on her right shoulder. Shortly after she arrived, she stopped eating. Angel was dying before our eyes. At the vet's office, she had a high fever and was thought to be in septic shock. We took her home, gave her antibiotics and hand fed her chicken until her appetite returned. With lots of TLC and prayers, slowly she regained her strength. Angel loved to play with the other foster Pyr. When she was healthy enough for surgery, she was weighin 70lbs.  A 9mm bullet was removed from her shoulder. Someone had meant to kill her!! We listed her with a local rescue that work with us to find our animals forever homes. This is where she found her ideal forever home.

We were given permission to share a letter below from the adoptive mom to the foster mom.

Patty, Angel is wonderful!!! I could write for hours my praise of Angel. She is thriving so well here. Angel met my other rescue dog Cassie and within minutes they were playing and Angel was exploring her new yard. I think it only took a couple of days for my girls to become inseparable. They sleep in each others beds and take turns sleeping on the sofa. When we adopted Angel, I had concerns about the timing. We had a huge hole in our yard, we were in the process of removing an in-ground pool. It was a daunting thought to bring in a second large dog into our yard while we were going through such a huge transition. Angel sniffed around the perimeter and stayed away from the hole after that. Now our yard is completely torn up and the gate is open all day to dump trucks, tractors and other heavy equipment in and out of the yard. This means I have to walk the girls throughout the day. It is impossible to leave one of them behind, they insist on being together. Angel walks better on the leash than Cassie does so I keep Angel on my right arm, the one I recently had a shoulder repair on and she never pulls or tugs. Boy do I wish I could say the same about Cassie, she is strong, stubborn and pulls.
Pardon my language but Brandon and I laugh and call Angel an attention whore. She wants to be with us, beside us, on top of us and heaven forbid that we should be paying attention to Cassie without her there, she runs right over to get her pets also. Angel really is a joy and as easily as she fit into our family it feels like she's been here forever and not just 10 days. As soon as Brandon sends me the movies that he's taken I'll forward them to you. They play, they chase each other, wrestle and sometimes sleep so close to each other that you can't tell where one ends and the other begins. They've had one fight and that was the other day. Angel was bored and I gave her a HUGE rawhide bone that we'd put in Cassie's stocking at Christmas. Yes, there were stockings on our mantel and the cats have one and Cassie has one. It was so big that Cassie quit chewing on it. Seriously, it leaned in a corner untouched for over two months so I passed it on to Angel who was completely enjoying it. I think Cassie got jealous and possessive and barked, snarled and took it back and the next time we let her out, she took it out with her and buried it. To bad that she buried it next to a tractor in a pile of dirt that was being used for land fill where the pool used to be. The pile was moved the next morning and she cannot find that bone anywhere.
Now the yard is finished and the pool area has become a yard and patio. Cassie and Angel have so much more space to frolic and play and they bring so much joy into our lives. Cassie is a Pyrenees and Angel is a Pyrenees mix. I think she has Retriever in her mix. She is really great for Cassie; besides their daily walks, the play is keeping Cassie more active than she was before Angel came into our life. I think some of our friends thought we were crazy for bringing a second dog into our home, especially such a big one but we couldn't be happier. The work involved in the care and feeding of two dogs isn't all that much more than taking care of one. On the other hand, the benefits are ever growing. We now have twice the unconditional love, twice the fun, twice the barking if we have unexpected visitors and more joy than we ever could have imagined.
I want you to know that you, Tom and the Rescue group that you are affiliated with are so amazing. I know that Angel had a really unfortunate start in life. I am so grateful to all of you for her rescue and the love and care shown to her. You've provided us with a happy and well adjusted dog for us to love and enjoy for the rest of her hopefully very long life.
Kindest regards, Mary, Brandon, Graham and of course Angel and Cassie *:) happy